If you’re concerned about the privacy of the data residing on your NonStop system, Crystal Point’s new Security Suite is your solution. Crystal Point offers a range of solutions for accessing terminal-based applications from desktop terminal emulation through server-based interface re-engineering. With any access model, data security is a consideration. There is always some possibility that sensitive host data may be exposed to unwanted eavesdroppers on the network.

Sensitive data on a network is kept private by insuring appropriate authorization and encryption. Encryption is an absolutely necessary component of any security practice to insure the privacy of data being exchanged. Crystal Point’s host access products are based on widely recognized standards to allow easy integration with existing practices and architectures. Regardless of how you access your host system, Crystal Point provides an encryption solution to assure the privacy of your data.

NSSL (NonStop SSL): Uses SSL/TLS based encryption

NSSH (NonStop SSH): Uses SSH based encryption

The following diagram illustrates the host access solutions available from Crystal Point and their security methods:

CP security Suite

If you would like to evaluate the NonStop SSL solution please click on  www.crystalpoint.com/forms/forms_prod-NSSL-evalu.htm


Security Suite is part of a range of products from Crystal Point